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Features of T5 (100℃) and T6 (85℃) class products using
Fine Korea's Open annealing method


What are Self-Regulating Heating Cables?

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Unlike conventional heating cables, it is a product that is heated by a plastic semiconductor containing carbon, not a metal heating wire, and has positive temperature coefficient (PTC) characteristics.

The PTC characteristic is a natural phenomenon discovered by Dr Herman in the United States in the 1950s and refers to a phenomenon in which the amount of heat generated automatically increases or decreases as the ambient temperature changes.

The Self-Regulating Heating Cable is a self-regulating heater developed by applying the PTC principle, which generates more heat when the weather is cold and generates less heat when it is hot, so it has the advantage of minimizing electricity consumption.

About us

Fine Korea is a professional manufacturer of self-regulating heating cables that have been in production for the past 25 years.


Fine Korea has developed its own technology called the "Open Annealing Method" that manufactures two grades of products: T5 (100℃) and T6 (85℃).


Since its establishment in 1997, it has produced and sold more than 60,000,000 meters of self-regulating heating cables in Korea for more than 25 years.

Fine Korea is the world's leading manufacturer of static electricity, which has obtained several international certificates and is exporting to Japan, Europe, Russia, and North America.


Open annealing process

01  Conductive carbon mixing

02  Semi conductor extrusion

03  Inner adhesive jacket extrusion

04  Annealing

05  Irradiation cross-linking

06  Insulated jacket extrusion

In line aging process

01  Conductive carbon mixing

02  Semi conductor extrusion & Aging

03  Irradiation cross-linking

04  Insulated jacket extrusion