Freeze Protection & Temperature Maintenance for Hot water supply pipes

FINE HWSRL Series is a heating cable highly efficient both 

to protect freezing and to maintain temperature for hot water  supply pipes. HWSRL Series regulates its power output to compensate for variation in water temperature and  ambient temperature due to PTC (Positive Temperature  Coefficient) characteristic of the heating cable.

HWSRL Series is very effective to protect hot water supply  pipes from freezing with low energy consumption.

HWSRL Series eliminates the need for designing complex  recirculation systems with their pumps, pipes, and valves,  thereby requiring low installation cost.

Especially, the self-regulating conductive core and  insulation jacket of HWSRL Series are treated with  irradiation cross-linking reaction, yielding excellent heat  resistance and cable stability in long term operation.

Product construction

Product construction

Product characteristics and design information

Copper   bus wire 16   AWG  
Nominal   power output 10,   30W/M at   10℃
Max.   maintenance temperature 85℃  
Max.   intermittent exposure temperature 100℃  
Max. circuit length 200   meters(30A Max) HWSRL10-2
120 meters(40A Max) HWSRL30-2
Service voltage HWSRL1 100   - 120 Vac  
HWSRL2 200   - 254 Vac  

Fine Korea offers a full range of connection Kit and end seal Kit for Power connection, splices, and end seal .

These accessories must be used all together to ensure proper functioning of the product and compliance with warranty, code, and requirements of approvals.


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